September Photoshoots

I went back to my hometown of Vancouver, BC (well, technically its suburb Port Coquitlam) this past month of September. I went with the intention of spending lots of family time, photographing my biological sisters religiously (not to be mistaken with my photography project on Muslim women), working on The Sisters Project (said project), and having a lot of fun. My sisters have always been a huge source of inspiration for me, so whenever I want to play with new styles, equipment, light etc I love doing it with them. 

I ended up spending the entire month working heavily on The Sisters Project and sneaking in a couple commissioned shoots and creative shoots in between. Although I didn't photograph my sisters nearly as much as I should have, I'm really excited about what I did manage to create with them.

My youngest sister Asalah who is 14 absolutely loves horseback riding, being in nature, and taking photographs as well so she ended up becoming my muse. We spent some time at her barn and some time exploring fields during golden hour. Here are some of my favourites from our shoots:

My other sister Rayhanah doesn't love getting her photo taken as much but she did allow me to do one small shoot with her while I was home. In a world where most kids want to grow up and do grow up so quickly, this lady is a rare soul. She's 16, and loves playing with the neighbourhood kids (from babies to her age), still cuddles every one of her stuffies, and fills her free time with secret handshakes and games. We took some photos in her bedroom and our neighbourhood she always plays in to celebrate this.