I've recently had the privilege to meet and spend time with Maude who is so wonderful and super sweet. She decided to get portraits taken both because she needed professional head shots and because she had developed a phobia of having her picture taken. She really wanted to work through it and not let her fear have a hold on her anymore. 

We decided to take her actor head shots first and then do some glamour/vanity fair style photographs after. After the photo shoot I asked Maude what her favourite part of the experience was and she responded, "my favorite part of the experience was getting ready and just having time to hang out with Alia and Nicola and getting comfortable with everything, and having a chance to calm down a bit." I also asked her if she learnt something about herself through this experience, and I was happy to hear her say that, " I can actually enjoy having my picture taken if I just relax a little bit!"

I love Maude's classical beauty and her amazing wardrobe she brought. It was a pleasure photographing her!