Mimi is a travel lover and aspiring food and lifestyle photographer who absolutely loves cooking and finding the best spots to eat! She loves discovering little treasures within each country she visits, and loves the little pleasures in life. She is a retired rhythmic gymnast and since retiring has been perusing her passion for photography with full force. Her work is inspired by her love of darker, Vermeer, Rembrandt style classical artwork.

Mimi came to me to get photographs done for her upcoming food and lifestyle book. She told me that "it took awhile to convince myself to get in front of the camera because I usually feel uncomfortable and choose to stay behind it. So I decided now was the time to finally become the subject instead of the photographer." And boy was I happy, because Mimi's love for darker images resulted in a beautiful studio shoot.

Once I gave Mimi her images she wrote this to me, "Confidence has always been one of my weaknesses and sometimes I'm even insecure with myself. After doing this shoot, I felt more comfortable within my own body and mind, feeling that boost of confidence. Once I saw myself in the photos, I fell in love with the pictures where I am laughing, truly revealing my personality, seeing how much better I look when I smile :) The best things happen when they are unexpected and those were the best photos I got from this shoot."