The Wilson Family

The Wilson Family consists of Gordon, Nancy, Brett, Hayley and Hilary. They are the sweetest and most close knit family and this time of the year is especially special to them. They are a big fan of the holidays, but Christmas is particularly important to them. All five of them love skiing, and it's a tradition of theirs to go to the Toronto Christmas market every year to celebrate Nancy and Gordon's anniversary. 

Although they love doing things together and have sweet traditions, like their annual trip to Sauble beach in the summers, they have never had a family portrait session. The family session was something they were all excited about doing before hand, and when they came to the studio it was such a fun atmosphere and they were so comfortable in front of the camera together!

I asked them later on which photograph was their favourite and they all love the one of them all together but all the kids adore the ones of their parents because "they are so cute!"