Sophia is truly a beautiful person inside and out. I know people use that term lightly, but Sophia is the true embodiment of it. I've known Sophia since 2008, and her authentic laughter, opinions, and personality makes you instantly attracted to her. 

Sophia is an award winning artist with a passion for the environment, health science, and research. If that's not an all around person than I don't know what is? On top of that she loves thrifting as much as I do and travelling to desolate islands and lounging on the beach for days (we actually did that together.) 

Sophia hasn't had professional photographs taken of herself besides her graduation school portrait and for years I have seen her beauty and wanted to photograph it. We finally made it happen this week and it was unreal. I thrifted 3 dresses that fit Sophia like a glove and did her hair and makeup which was exciting because it's a rare occasion that Sophia gets glamed up! 

It was so hard to narrow down my favourites from this shoot because Sophia killed it in every single outfit and every single pose.