Khristel is a talented photographer who recently completed her BFA in Photography at Ryerson University. I was honoured when this fellow photographer came to me for a personal branding session. She needed some headshots for her website but wanted people to see her personality as well. My favourite thing about personal branding sessions are the fact that we get to play around with different outfits, locations and sometimes even props (Khristel brought her camera to be in the photos instead of using it to take them!)

We went to this lovely location a little outside of Toronto for Khristel's session and it had a beautiful beach on the lake, a cool field, and some lovely trees by the creek. Despite being bitten by some ants and pricked by some bushes (made possible by my flimsy sandals that Khristel made fun of me a little for!) it was an awesome location for our shoot. 

Khristel let me know after her portrait session that these were the most wonderful photos she's ever had of herself and it made my heart so full. Responses like that are why I'm driven to constantly photograph people and try to show them their beauty, inside and out.