This week I got to photograph the lovely Avery. Avery is a fellow photographer, an assistant for two internationally renowned commercial and fine-art photographers, a social media manager, and an intern at The Archive of Modern Conflict in Toronto. (Talk about a busy bee!!) On top of that she is also a devoted girlfriend to her highschool sweetheart (they have been together for 7 years!), and a caring daughter and sister to her blended family.

I'm glad she took time out of her busy schedule to have a photoshoot cause we definitely got some beautiful golden light for our shoot. The more we spend time together the more interesting Avery gets so here is some fun facts about her: 

  • I had jaw reconstructive surgery when I was 18 years old.
  • Before I got into photography I was a performer. I performed in multiple musical theatre productions and sang solo at music shows. I miss it. To be honest my dream would to become a folk singer who writes REALLY amazing lyrics. 
  • Folk music is pretty much all I listen to. I also am one of those odd people that becomes relaxed and very content when I listen to sad songs. 
  • I'm a huge introvert. Going out to party's for me is a constant struggle and I really have to talk myself into it. I'm always happy when I get there but I get exhausted very quickly and then usually need the next two days to have some time alone. 

  • My favourite thing to do is actually take myself on dates. I love going out by myself with a book in hand to a restaurant or coffee shop, or go to a flower shop and by myself flowers (I'm a romantic) and just spending a couple hours doing that. 

  • I have never been outside of Canada.