Allison is a photographer, avid instagramer, pasta sauce extraordinaire, and mother of three (including me!) 

My mom's had long hair her whole life and she recently chopped it all off and donated it to charity. With her new look, she needed an update from the last photoshoot we did last summer. We both think it's important to continuously update our photos with every change in our lives because it's amazing to look back at each photo session and have it immediately take you back to a certain part of your life. With my mom's short hair, she wanted to embrace her feminine and cool, so that's exactly what we did. I love how feminine the first look is with the pink lace and pink flowers and how cool the hat looks on her in the second look. 

As my mom is a photographer, it was wonderful to give her a turn at a fabulous shoot, including some shopping, hair and makeup, and golden hour laughter.