Sabrina & Preeteela

Sabrina and Preeteela are the sweetest, warmest and caring mother-daughter duo. They are total 'people persons' and want to lend their light and love to anyone who needs that boost. They are both experiencing big milestones this year - Sabrina is turning 21 and Preeteela is turning 50...although who would believe they are not sisters?!

I was so excited to be able to photograph them right at the beginning of 2017, a monumental year for them. It was also so special that Sabrina got to bring out her graduation dress that she loves so much and get the grad portraits she never had taken. These ladies have so many fun and amazing sides to their personalities, so we dressed them up for it! We did some Vanity Fair style portraits, some professional personal-branding portraits, and everything in between. Who says a portrait session can't be as dynamic as you are?

Preeteela touched my heart with her reaction to the images, so I wanted to share a little quote from what she said: "To have started off this particular calendar year, literally, with something as meaningful and monumental as this shoot, capturing moments that I will certainly forever treasure, is a gift that you could have never imagined you were giving"